Adobe Captivate Advanced Bespoke Course

1 day

At Advanced level we will discuss your objectives and then recommend the topics your training should cover. It is advisable to look at the content of the introductory course as there may be topics in that course that need including/revisiting in your bespoke Advanced course.


Delegates attending an advanced workshop should have prior working knowledge of Captivate and understand how to start new projects, insert different slide layouts, and add text captions and images.


Course Content: 

Some suggested topic areas:

  • Responsive projects
  • Smart 'Learning Interactions'
  • Software training simulations and assessments
  • Creating Themes and templates
  • Recording video demonstrations
  • Drag and drop interaction wizard
  • Advanced actions and shared actions
  • Using variables
  • Conditional actions
  • Publishing and LMS's
  • Encoding video files for using in Captivate (using 'Adobe Media Encoder')
  • Slide 'Notes', 'Text to Speech' & 'Closed Captions'
  • Creating & editing 'Aggregator' projects
  • Adobe 'Captivate Draft'

Examples of bespoke half-day courses:

  • Using Captivate to record software training demonstrations, simulations and assessments
  • Using Captivate to import PowerPoint presentations and add audio
  • Building a Company Captivate Theme and Template