Announcement: Launch of PivotTables Course and New Online Academy

(First published by Neil on 24/09/2019)

Coming Soon. Pivot Tables: From Slicers to Dashboards

UPDATE 30/04/2020: the PivotTables course has now had interactive exercises added to the videos, and so represents even better value for money at £10.

Excel PivotTables have been around for a while, however it’s only recently that the full power of PivotTables has been realised. Using PivotTables you can quickly and effortlessly extract and analyse your data in Excel.  They are also are interactive; you can filter data using ‘Slicers’ and ‘Timelines’, and from this data you can also create interactive ‘PivotCharts’.

Ultimately, you can create a Dashboard, which is a single ‘interactive’ worksheet that contains all your key information as a visual summary, ‘at a glance’.

On our ‘PivotTables: Slicers to Dashboards’ course we’ll show you how to create PivotTables and Dashboards without the need for installing addins, knowledge of coding or Excel function formulas. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel and a thirst for getting something out of their data should sign up for this course.

Topics will include:

  1. Creating a PivotTable from an Excel Table
  2. Filtering Data using Slicers & Updating the PivotTable
  3. Grouping and Formatting Data in the PivotTable
  4. More on Grouping and Changing Calculation Method
  5. PivotTable Options, Layout & Filter Pages
  6. Building Custom Calculations in PivotTables
  7. PivotTable ‘Built-in’ Calculations
  8. Using Conditional Formatting in PivotTables
  9. Creating & Filtering  PivotCharts
  10. Using Timelines & Report Connections
  11. Creating your Dashboard
  12. Formatting your Dashboard
  13. Protecting your Dashboard

Play the trailer for more information:

LDnH Academy

We have just launched our very own online academy, which will be able to host both FREE and paid-for courses. The technology we’ve used is the very latest version of WordPress, with an add-on called LearnDash. This allows the use of the latest interactive tools, such as H5P, and xAPI (TinCan) content from authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate. I can write another blog about the tech used if anybody is interested but, suffice it to say, we’re happy to be able to ditch things like Moodle and SCORM, which are starting to get a bit long-in-the-tooth.

Paid-for courses, course certificates, and other features will follow; for now, we’ve added our FREE Windows 10 course, which is suitable if you want to complete the whole course, or just dip-in to learn particular things. No sign-up or account is required for this free course. The link is nice and simple:

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