Are You Paying Too Much for Your E-Learning Hosting?

For better or worse, everything is commoditised in the end. First it was web design then web hosting. Now it’s the turn of e-learning hosting: there is absolutely no excuse for charging large amounts for hosting e-learning.

We now find ourselves in the position of being able to charge around £5 (GBP) per user per year to host your e-learning. That’s not a typo: per year not per month. That charge would be for e-learning that’s already fully developed and available in xAPI/TinCan (ideally) or SCORM format. If your e-learning needs some adapting or bringing up to date, we obviously have the knowledge and experience to help you with that at our normal daily rate.

Don’t hesitate. Have a look at our Online Academy, then get in touch now using the Contact Form.

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