E-Learning Development and Instructional Design

We develop e-learning on both a business-to-consumer and business-to-business freelance basis. Use the contact form to enquire about all your e-learning requirements. Here is a selection of some projects that we have been involved with.
Click each thumbnail to run. Each example will open in a new browser tab.

ALIGN website screen grab

Falls Prevention website including e-learning: "Freda's Fall". Click here to view (external link).

Screen grab of 'how to assess the Care Certificate'

Rapid development of e-learning from a text-only Word document. Click here to view.

Screen grab from Fuel Efficient Driving
Instructional Design (scripting/storyboarding) on fuel-efficient driving for Skills2Learn and Driver Hire. Click here to view (external link).

Screen grab from 'conditional formatting'

A complete course with Table of Contents and progress indicator. Training simulations and exercises with feedback. Created for college staff training and hosted on an LMS. (This example is Flash-only and won't play on your tablet or smartphone.) Click here to view.

Screen grab from Windows 10 Assessment

Bite-size learning. Assessment exercise to accompany a Windows 10 course - includes feedback and scores. Click here to view.

Screen grab from mobile app on pressure ulcers

Informational app for mobile devices. (Search the app stores for "PUinfo".) Available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile. Click here for a preview.