an example of an excel dashboard

Excel Dashboards

(First published by Linda on 07/03/2018)

Excel ‘dashboards’ seem to be the buzz word at the moment; but what, exactly, are they?  A dashboard is usually a single screen that displays an organisation’s most important metrics at a glance.

The visuals on the dashboard usually come from the underlying data, but most importantly they can be filtered.

Many of you will use other types of dashboard; one that immediately springs to mind for me is my ‘Fitbit’ dashboard, that feeds me all the information about my exercise, sleep pattern etc from my Fitbit watch.  It summarises and analyses all the information stored in my Fitbit and shows me the information I need to see.  I can customise the panels shown on my Dashboard and view the information by different dates.
Just the same thing can be done in Excel using the existing tools – you don’t need any programming knowledge and you don’t need to purchase any addins!

A variety of Excel tools can be used; PivotTables and PivotCharts, Slicers, Sparklines, Conditional Formatting.

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