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Excel Intermediate to Advanced

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We like to provide the best possible experience on our courses; we therefore want the content to be tailored to your needs.  Listed below is a list of typical content, but please also check out our specialist half-day courses on topics, such as ‘Excel Forms and Macros’.  Topics shown in bold will always be included in the courses, but other topics can be selected or added. Please enquire using our contact form.


Must have good practical knowledge of basic Excel including:

  • =SUM
  • copy data and formulas
  • file management (save, close, open)
  • absolute cell referencing

Course Content: 

  • Resumé of the basics  (including using $Absolute cell addressing)
  • An introduction to using ‘Range Names’
  • Basic Lists & Tables
  • More on ‘Range Names’ using labels and creating Hyperlinks
  • Advanced Formatting Format Painter, Styles & Themes
  • Conditional Formatting Including Data bars
  • Sparklines
  • Grouping and Outlining Data
  • Using Cell Comments
  • Flash Fill to break down data and merge data in cells
  • Linking Data (worksheets & workbooks)
  • Date Formulas
  • Conditional Formula and Functions =IF, =SUMIF and more
  • Data Validation (including dropdown lists)
  • Lookup Formulas (including =VLOOKUP)
  • Advanced Tables
  • Basic Charts (Graphs)
  • Advanced Charts (Graphs)
  • Using Graphics (including SmartArt)
  • Protecting Data
  • Subtotalling 
  • PivotTables & PivotCharts
  • What-if Analysis, Goal Seek, Solver & Scenarios
  • Creating Forms
  • Recorded Macros 

Download a Course Outline in PDF Format:

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