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Excel Introduction

1 day


This course is suitable for both new users of Excel or those that need to bridge gaps in their basic Excel skills. This course is designed to provide users with all the skills required to build spreadsheets from scratch; create formulas, charts and prepare the data for printing using page setup and formatting techniques.


Delegates wishing to attend this course do not require any previous experience of Excel but should be proficient with a keyboard, mouse and basic Windows skills. 

Course Content: 

The Basics:

  • Working with the Ribbon
  • The Quick Access toolbar
  • Navigating around a worksheet
  • Selecting cells & entering data
  • The File (Backstage) menu 

 Formatting & Editing Data:

  • Formatting text & numbers
  • Adjusting column width & row height
  • Inserting/deleting rows & columns
  • The ‘Format Painter’ tool Editing cell contents Adding borders & colour 


  • Basic formulas using + – * / %
  • Displaying/selecting formulas
  • Copying & editing formulas
  • Function formulas (=SUM, =AVERAGE etc)
  • Using the ‘AutoCalculate’ feature
  • Relative & absolute cell references 

 Copying & Moving Data:

  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Drag & drop editing
  • Using ‘Autofill’ 

 Conditional Formatting: 

  • Value-based Conditional formatting
  • Data Bars & Icon Sets
  • ‘Color Scales’
  • Editing and deleting rules
  • Showing duplicates
  • Quick Analysis tool 

 Printing & Print Options:

  • Using Print Preview & Page Layout view
  • Adjusting the margins
  • Scaling a worksheet
  • Creating Headers and Footers
  • Using ‘Page Break’ view
  • Printing a page range/multiple copies
  • Printing a selected range 

 Working with Tables:

  • Creating & formatting a Table
  • Sorting text & numbers
  • Adding a ‘total’ row
  • Filtering data & using ‘Slicers’ 


  • Creating chart ‘sheet’ & chart ‘objects’
  • Chart styles & types (pie, line, bar etc)
  • Recommended charts
  • Quick Analysis charts
  • Editing the chart layout
  • Changing the Chart Location 

 Sparklines (single cell chart):

  • Create, edit & format Sparklines 

Download a Course Outline in PDF Format:

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