Juggling more than one client or project when working from home?

You’re engrossed in a project and suddenly get an urgent phone call from another client about a different project. It’s only a ten-minute job so you break off from what you were doing and do the work for the second client, leaving all the windows from the previous job open while you do so. We’ve all been there and all know what happens next: you end up entering data from the second client onto the first client’s spreadsheet, post on the wrong chat thread, and send an email to the wrong person.

What you can do is use a little-known Windows 10 feature, and open a completely new desktop on the same PC. Simply leave everything that you were working on as it is, and select the “Task View” button on your task bar:

In the resulting view, ignore everything else on the screen and select “+ New desktop” in the very top left:

Select the new desktop thumbnail and you’ll have a completely new desktop with no applications open, as if you’ve just turned on your PC. It’s important to realise this isn’t just a new screen: it’s a completely new instance of Windows, like having a second computer. Use the new desktop to do the work for the second client. When that’s done, simply click the “Task View” button again and go back to the previous desktop. You can even give them names, and have several desktops going at the same time. When the phone rings, simply select the desktop for that client or project. This is how mine looks (I wish):

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