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PowerPoint 2016 Introduction

1 day


This course give delegates the knowledge and tools to create professional presentations.  Topics covered range from the use of templates and themes through to animations and transition effects; all designed to make engaging and powerful presentations.


Delegates will be expected to have basic keyboard and mouse skills, although no experience of Microsoft PowerPoint is required. 

Course Content: 

The Interface

  • Resume of the Ribbon & Quick Access toolbar
  • Customising the Ribbon
  • ‘Tell me’ help
  • Smart lookup
  • File (Backstage) View

PowerPoint Basics

  • Starting a new ‘blank’ presentation
  • Slide size
  • Using Templates
  • Using Themes & Theme variations
  • The PowerPoint display & navigation
  • Inserting & formatting text/bullet lists
  • Using different layouts
  • Slide views & navigation
  • Re-using Slides


  • Inserting pictures into a slide
  • Resizing & editing pictures
  • Smart guides
  • Formatting pictures  


  • Grouping slides using Sections
  • Rearranging slides & Sections
  • Hiding slides
  • Collapsing & expanding Sections

Tables & Excel Data

  • Using a Table layout
  • Formatting the Table
  • Copying and Pasting excel data
  • Linking data
  • Changing the slide layout


  • Creating a chart
  • Inputting the data
  • Formatting & editing the chart


  • Types of SmartArt
  • ‘Process’ and ‘Cycle’ SmartArt
  • Formatting & editing SmartArt

Master Slide

  • Viewing the slide Master
  • Adding a logo to the Master
  • Headers & footers

Slide Show Effects

  • Slide transitions
  • Animation effects

Preparing the Presentation for Delivery

  • Adding slide notes
  • Moving, copying, deleting & hiding Slides
  • Using the Proofing tools
  • Printing slides, handouts & speakers’ notes
  • Saving the presentation as a slide show
  • Delivering the presentation

Download a Course Outline in PDF Format:

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