PowerPoint: Resize & Crop Images

Having just finished 5 days work editing a PowerPoint project for a customer, I felt I must put together a few Help videos on some essentials when building presentations. The 5 days work could have been reduced to 2 days if the client had been aware of some of these very important essentials before creating his 600-slide presentation. In this video I’ll demonstrate the first essential and that is PowerPoint’s Image resize and crop ability. You’ve probably all seen images that have been ‘squashed’ and ‘stretched’ and not resized correctly, and we end up with objects and people looking like Sumo wrestlers or giraffes. That often happens when the user doesn’t know how to resize or crop an image to fit a particular dimension. In this video you’ll learn how reset, resize, crop, crop to an aspect ratio and how to crop to a particular shape.

My client was very happy (‘ecstatic’ were his words) about the results of my editing; he did tell me that the 600-slide presentation contained his ‘life work’ and I could see it did. Oh, and incidentally, the next video (and PowerPoint essential), will cover the use of the Slide Master.

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