Who invented the spreadsheet?

(First published by Linda on 20/06/2017)

Harvard graduate Dan Bricklin (inventor) and Bob Frankston (programmer) first co-presented their idea back in 1977.  VisiCalc was then published in June 1979.  When asked if they were upset that they never patented their idea, Dan said “We’re kids of the Sixties and what did you want to do? You wanted to make the world better, and you wanted to make your mark on the world and improve things, and we did it. So by the mark of what we would measure ourselves by, we’re very successful.”

Today, Dan Bricklin (often referred to as ‘The Father of the Spreadsheet‘) acts as Chief Technology Officer of Alpha Software, and continues to serve as president of Software Garden, a company which develops and markets software tools that he creates.

Watch the TED Lecture (12 minutes), where Dan Bricklin describes his and co-producer Bob Franston’s journey.


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