Windows ‘Sticky Keys’

Did you know about Windows Sticky Keys?  When enabled you can use Ctrl, Shift and Alt shortcuts with just one finger.  Press the Shift key on your keyboard five times and you are prompted to switch on/off sticky keys.  When switched on, you can press and release these keys and then press the associated shortcut.  For example, in Word or Excel, press and then release the Ctrl key and then press the letter B on your keyboard.  This will switch on bold.  Do the same thing again to switch off bold. Sticky Keys is an accessibility feature to assist users who have physical disabilities or to reduce repetitive strain injury.  I demonstrated this to a group I was training last week and one lady said “This will be great for ‘doughnut Friday’; we can eat doughnuts with one hand and use our keyboard with the other hand”.  I never thought of that – use Sticky Keys to prevent sticky keys!

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