Excel Foundation Course

How to Use Microsoft Excel - Summary

00 - Introduction and Printable Downloads

A brief introduction with downloadable/printable Quick Reference Guide and a Progress/Score Sheet

01 - Exploring and Customising the Excel 2016 Interface

Learn about how to start Excel and create new documents, the Excel screen layout, the ribbon, 
and the Quick Access Toolbar.

02 - Managing Documents

Learn how to create, open, and save Excel workbooks.

03 - Navigating the Worksheet

Learn how to find your way around a worksheet and workbook using the mouse and
keyboard shortcuts.

04 - Basic Editing

Adjust column width and row height, cell formatting, edit cell contents.

05 - Number and Text Formats

The difference between numbers ('values') and text ('labels'), using an apostrophe as a label prefix, and how the Smart tag works. Different ways of formatting numbers as currency, percentage, etc. Selecting cells and applying basic formatting.

06 - Copying and Moving Data

How to use Cut, Copy & Paste, and also 'Drag & Drop' to move data.

07 - Basic Formulas

+ - * / % - simple cell-by-cell formulas, F5 Go to Special, the 'BODMAS' rule and using brackets, use of AutoSum and AutoFill.

08 - Editing

Inserting and deleting columns and rows using the menu, right-click method, Ctrl+ & Ctrl-, keyboard shortcuts. Hiding columns and rows using right-click method, double-clicking column separator, changing column width and row height for the entire worksheet.

09 - More on Formatting

A look at some more advanced formatting.

10 - More Formulas

A look at some more advanced formulas.

11 - Cell Comments
How to use cell comments

12 - Printing and Views

How to insert titles and page breaks to your printouts.

13 - Tables

How to set up, format and edit tables.

14 - Charts

An Excel chart tutorial that shows you how to create, edit and format both chart sheets and chart objects.

15 - What next?

Here's a taster of more advanced Topics & learning.  Try the VLOOKUP video.

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