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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, classroom-based IT training is suspended for the time being. During lockdown we’ve been running various online training sessions tailored to clients’ requirements, and these have been very well received. Please call or use the contact form to learn more. Shorter 1-2 hour courses have proved to be a good format, and you can use the following course outlines of our classroom courses to choose what content you’d like to cover.

Creating simple drop-down lists in Excel

Recently I’ve had a few requests on how to create drop-down lists in Excel. These are really useful as (a) they are time saving; the user chooses from a pull-down list instead of laboriously typing out cell entries, (b) they prevent typing errors, as the text is already there …
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Converting Word Documents to Latest Version!

Could you be guilty of saving Word documents as an older version of Word? If so, you’re not alone; in the last 2 weeks I’ve been sent documents by different clients that are still in the old Word format. I can see how this happens … the document started its …
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Outlook – ‘Quick Steps’

We’re quite excited at the prospect of running the first of our live online sessions on Outlook next week. We start with sessions for two good clients of ours, and to give you a taster we’re posting a video on Outlook ‘Quick Steps’. I remember running classroom courses at …
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PowerPoint’s Summary Zoom

We’re really looking forward to running our ‘PowerPoint Essentials’ session this afternoon for a very good client of ours.  It feels like we’ve got into the groove now with these 1¼ hour live sessions which are a mix of demonstration, ‘have a go’, mini-polls and Q&A. At the end of …
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PowerPoint Picture Frames

Here’s a really quick, simple and effective way to create a picture frame for your photos in PowerPoint. You use the Eyedropper tool to ‘pick up’ a colour from your photo and then apply the Bevel effect…
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PowerPoint: Resize & Crop Images

Having just finished 5 days work editing a PowerPoint project for a customer, I felt I must put together a few Help videos on some essentials when building presentations. The 5 days work could have been reduced to 2 days if the client had been aware of some of these …
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How’s the Online Training Going?

It looks like we’re not going back to classroom training any time soon. E-Learning has its place, but sometimes you need to ask questions and interact with the trainer. So with a bit of trial and error, we’ve arrived at what we think is a good format. 1¼ hour sessions. The …
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Solved: ‘Meeting Chat’ Panel Missing in Microsoft Teams Meeting

I’ll try to précis this from a long story. The problem appears to be common, and various not-entirely-convincing solutions are all over the Web in various help forums. Everybody has different setups, the Microsoft techs don’t really seem to understand how Teams works, and it seems to change every week …
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