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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, classroom-based IT training is suspended for the time being. During lockdown we’ve been running various online training sessions tailored to clients’ requirements, and these have been very well received. Please call or use the contact form to learn more. Shorter 1-2 hour courses have proved to be a good format, and you can use the following course outlines of our classroom courses to choose what content you’d like to cover.

Word 2016 Introduction

Objectives:  This course is intended for those with little or no experience of Word.  By the end of the course delegates will have gained the knowledge to create a range of documents from simple letters to longer documents using headers & footers.  Delegates will also learn how to use tables to …
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PowerPoint 2016 Introduction

Objectives:  This course give delegates the knowledge and tools to create professional presentations.  Topics covered range from the use of templates and themes through to animations and transition effects; all designed to make engaging and powerful presentations.
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PowerPoint 2016 Advanced

Objectives:  This intensive hands-on course has been designed to provide delegates with a solid understanding of the advanced PowerPoint tools and design concepts.  On completion of the course delegates will have the knowledge to create interactive and high level slide shows.
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Excel Tables and PivotTables

Objectives:  By the end of this workshop delegates will have gained an in-depth knowledge and experience of Tables, PivotTables and PivotCharts. The workshop will also look at some supporting tools, such as Conditional Formatting which can help when using PivotTables.
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Excel PivotTables and Dashboards

Objectives:  An Excel dashboard is a visual dynamic interface showing a summary of consolidated data on a single screen. On this course you will learn how to create Dashboards using the existing tools in Excel.  You don’t need any knowledge of Visual Basic macros and there is no need for extra …
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Excel Intermediate to Advanced

Objectives:  We like to provide the best possible experience on our courses; we therefore want the content to be tailored to your needs.  Listed below is a list of typical content, but please also check out our specialist half-day courses on topics, such as ‘Excel Forms and Macros’.  Topics shown in bold will …
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Excel Forms and Macros

Objectives:  By the end of this workshop delegates will have learnt how to use a variety of tools that will enable them to create forms and automate documents without the need for using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming
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Excel Introduction

Objectives:  This course is suitable for both new users of Excel or those that need to bridge gaps in their basic Excel skills. This course is designed to provide users with all the skills required to build spreadsheets from scratch; create formulas, charts and prepare the data for printing using page …
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Excel What-If Analysis

Objectives:  By the end of this workshop delegates will understand and have experience of using the different What-If Analysis tools that Excel provides. The workshop will also revisit some supporting tools that help when using What-If Analysis.
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